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Venetica the game

Venetica is one of the corner-stone experiences of the role-playing video gaming community. Released on September 4, 2009, this video game is one of the best RPG elements in it. The game was immediately available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but the porting from Windows PC came only a year after in 2010. Xbox 360 saw the first version in October, and the PlayStation port came a month after in November.

The game itself is focused on 16th-century Europe, and it’s based in Venice, where a secret society known as the Corpus has hired Death itself to run various duties for it. Death, which is a real person, passes down its trade through its ancestors, but there are bad people among the living who wish to tame Death for its own purposes.

One of those is an evil necromancer who reveals the secret of immortality and wishes to get Death out of the picture. Death is now represented through one of its living offspring, his daughter Scarlett. Players need to now play as Scarlett and enjoy an excellent third-person perspective and guide her through the urban and danger-ridden streets of Venice.

Scarlett will have Death’s scythe to fight various natural and supernatural forces, not least many of which are sent her way by the necromancer who defies the natural order and who needs to be killed in order to restore balance in the universe. In terms of visuals and audio, Venetica is a brilliantly done game, and even though it was released more than 12 years ago, it’s still a canonical title that is definitely fun and worth experiencing.

Venetica the game

The plot is really well-developed through the use of traditional storytelling but also through the use of excellent graphics and gameplay elements. For example, Scarlett can enter in the so-called spiritual world where she can interact with characters and NPCs that have died, and that can still reveal important information.

There is an innovative non-sandbox feeling to the game, which is double impressive for the time when the game was developed. Scarlett can interact with the dead, which is very characteristic, her being Death’s daughter and helping restore balance in the universe. It also gives a very interesting point of view as to how Death is just holding down a job.

The game itself is split into day and night cycles, each one of which lasts 15 minutes and adds to the changing dynamics of the game. Venetica is also largely seen as an inspiration to Assassin’s Creed. There are various attributes that can be developed, such as health points, mental energy, damage deal with your weapons, and damage dealt with your magic and spells.

These attributes are developed over the course of the gameplay, and you can lean more heavily on one aspect, although constitution tends to be the core that you always need to take care of to make sure that you are always competitive and can bring the game to the desired end. Of course, there are a lot of saves, and you will find Venetica to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

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